Electrical and medical male bondage


There are guys who can’t get off on ordinary sex. Then, they go on to some dom/sub play that does it for them for a while. But then, they want something more than that. No whip or wax can do it for them anymore and they need something very, very special male bondage. That is when they come to these crazy femdom bitches that use some insane medical and electrical stuff to give these guys raging boners and biggest orgasms. They tie them up in some special chairs and then it’s time for some insane male bondage with instruments and whatnot.

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Hot wax male bondage scene


Some bitches know how to make a guy happy by dominating them, reducing them to slaves or puppets in hard male bondage sessions. And this hot brunette mistress with the biggest knockers ever is one of them. Just take a look at how she turns this tough guy into a sissy and gives him something to brag about to his douche friends. She ties him up and puts a nose ring on him that connects to a piercing on his bellybutton. And then she pulls out some candles to drive him made by that hot wax that she pours all over him.

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Tied up guy in male bondage


There is nothing hotter than being dominated by a superhot babe that treats you like a dog and orders you around. Well, maybe two of them dominating you at the same time. Just ask this lucky bastard who had two mistresses ordering him around and torturing him in male bondage. They tied him up asylum style, so that he couldn’t move a muscle. Then they pulled out an industrial sized whip and gave him some flogging so rough that he almost fainted. These horny bitch mistresses from hell really did a number on this guy. Well, he asked for this male bondage.

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Femdom nurse enjoys male bondage


This guy has been in the jail for quite some time and he hasn’t been treated very well by the guards. Yeah, he is a dick. So, one day, when they got him a hot nurse to check him out, he was really suspicious. And rightly so. When this fine nurse came into his cell, she immediately started with her special examination.

She tied him up and took his temperature rectally. Only with a huge dildo instead by a thermometer. And that was not the least of his problems, this nurse turned out to be a femdom bitch from hell sent to make his miserable life more miserable and to teach him some male bondage lessons.

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Ass paddling nuns in male bondage scene


There’s no fucking with the nuns of the St. Charles Bronson Convent. Just ask their milkman that fucked up their order one day. He was a bottle short and they did some nasty male bondage to him. They have some crazy nun torture machine or something, invented by his Lordship El Hornyeloso de Perverzo of the Spanish Inquisition, they lock their victims in it and then they give them some hard ass paddling with their special paddles. They make those from only the hardest and roughest wood from their own garden. It’s the last time this milkman fucked up the order.

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